The Quality Control

World-class Testing Environment
Our pursuit of quality is always in line with the international standard. With continuous investments and upgrades on facilities and equipment and training on technicians, we all the time exert utmost efforts to assure the stability of product quality and fulfill customers’ requirements and standard.
Testing Strength
Before Production
In The Production of
After The Production
After The Production
After the production
Self-owned industrial largest product testing center with the most complete facilities.
Able to complete full set of product testing program required by BIFMA X5.1 standard.
Approved by Natioal CNAS cerlification and intemational authoritative testing certification TUV group.
Provide material analysis to ensure the final product quality.
From the comprehensive inspection of raw materials,quality supervision of semi-finished products to the sampling observation of finished products,strictly control the various details of manufacturing, guarantee the quality of the product up to international sandard.