About Factory

B.one has grown to over 500 employees with a 63,000 square meter manufacturing facility. The in-house production rate runs at 95% stable production capacity, producing more than 70,000 pieces every month. Our FPI ( Finish Product Inventory ) system offers 7 day J.I.T delivery worldwide. We place strong emphasis on quality assurance and implemented the ISO9001 quality management system standard with our own professional testing laboratories that acquired TUV accreditation and over 100 pieces of testing equipment with BIFMA standard. B.one has became a renowned chair manufacturing enterprise with prestige credible reputation in the industry.

B.one Industrial Park.

B.one Industrial Park
BIFMA X5.1 standard testing laboratorycertified by German TUV organization.
Equipped with 23 units plastic injection machine capacity maximum to 1500T to manuafacture all plastic parts in house.
Introduced modern and automatic equiments to increase productivity, such as CNC Laser Cutting Machine.
Apply Trilinear Coordinate Measuring Machine to acquire accurate and reliable dimensions.
Reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency with automatic packaging line.
Craftsman Feat


B.one makes quality products attentively, continues to strive for perfection on details, to make extraordinary products.